What to write, a stream of consciousness

by lauren on March 4, 2014

Another month has passed, and I still have bloggers block. A blog is certainly an ambitious endeavor and to get people to read it (other than my husband), I need interesting topics.

One thing which I frequently consider is tried and tested gluten free recipes. I’ve been eating gluten free (though occasional gluten does sneak in) since September 2013. I’m constantly trying to find new recipes and products which I will happily replace with gluten, either if they’re substitutes or just happen to be gluten free by design. As an auditor, I’m always skeptical of what a food blogger tells me is great – maybe this is the answer, tried and tested GF recipes.

Stay tuned while I figure this out…

Is this thing on?

by lauren on January 26, 2014

It’s obviously been quite some time since I’ve blogged. But my new husband keeps harassing me to write. I guess since the 3 year anniversary of my blog is coming up and he wants to renew for the right reasons. ūüėČ

Anyway, yep I said ‘husband.’ Since I last blogged I’ve gotten married, promoted and continued to do lots of travelling.

The pressure is on to write more, but I keep getting bogged down with what to write about. I hope to figure that out soon. I’m still here, though. I swear.

187 days to go

by lauren on November 26, 2012

Just wanted to write a post to commemorate the first wedding guests from this side of the pond making their travel arrangements!

Now, so far P and I are so excited and feel so lucky to have so many of our friends over here letting us know they will be delighted to join us in Boston next year. But when the trips actually start to get booked, it only gets more exciting.

So thanks Ruth & Tom! You’ve made this bride-to-be’s day!!

Happy Engagiversary

by lauren on November 20, 2012

Sunday night/Monday morning marked the one year anniversary of the day P & I got engaged! I celebrated in a chorus of coughing as I have been off work for nearly a week with bronchitis.

This means that our big day is about 6 months away! Most of the plans are sorted, with just two contracts left to sign. Now we’ll start dealing with all the finer details.

Anyway, back to my bronchitis. One of the great things about the German healthcare system is the fact that such illnesses are taken rather seriously, and your doctor will not only give you a prescription to help you feel better, but also a note to give time off work to rest and recuperate. I think this is great in order to avoid the spread of germs and really give the chance to rest. So I’ve been sleeping in, drinking lots of tea and taking my medicine. Its back to work on Wednesday, and the cough is still there but I’m starting to feel a bit better at least.

Boomerang Part 2

by lauren on October 2, 2012

Our second September U.S. adventure was back to Beantown for the celebration of my favorite cousin J’s marriage to Sully.

We landed in Beantown on Thursday night and had a delicious dinner with our favorite hosts S&J.  They take such great care of us on our Boston visits (including the one in May) and always make us feel so welcome in their home.

On Friday we picked up my wedding dress!!! It now lives at the Bridal Alteration shop of the wonderful Anahit where I completely trust its in good hands until May. ¬†In the evening we had a Chinese dinner to celebrate my aunt J’s 60th and then off to Storyville in town for some pre-wedding celebration, celebratory cocktails.

Saturday was the main event, with dinner and dancing at the Fairmont Copley.  It was a fantastic time full of food, drink and lots of dancing.  Which got me super excited for our big day coming up.

For this wedding, I had to learn a flashmob routine:

The rest of the trip included just a little shopping, and alot of wedding planning. P&I tasted about 12 cupcakes between us, met our DJ and most importantly checked out what he’ll be wearing on the big day.

For a 5 day jaunt, I’d say it was a successful trip and one of our most fun.


by lauren on September 15, 2012

September was spent wrapping up my time in Paris and venturing stateside for not one, but two weddings.

At the start of September, we were invited to the wedding of our old friend Andrew who used to live in Munich.  Andrew now lives in the Lonestar state (Texas, for you non-Americans).  The wedding was beautiful, on a ranch just outside of Houston.  Paul and I had decided early on that we would make it a weeklong adventure, so we headed up to Austin after the wedding and stayed at the AMAZING W Hotel in Austin.

The drive was fantastic, it was weird to see signs for places to buy ¬†guns n’ ammo all the way down the highway. ¬†We made our first trip to Sonic on that drive, making the mistake of walking into the restaurant/kitchen and not ordering the tots. ¬†In Austin, we had amazing in-town hosts to show us the great places to eat and drink, and spent every night enjoying their company. ¬†I can highly recommend Austin to anyone, but would recommend toward the end of the week or a weekend when the bars and live music scene is a little more lively.


by lauren on August 30, 2012

I am not so good at this blogging thing, but I promise that one of these days I will make some catch up posts!

Juillet et Aout

by lauren on August 30, 2012


I spent most of my Summer working, in Paris.  As you can probably notice, from some of my earlier posts I spent alot of the year there.  However it means I got to do some fantastically fun things.  Here is a listing:

  • I found Matsuri, a running sushi chain which surpasses the quality of any sushi establishments in Munich. It was so good, I ate there at least once a week.
  • Louis Vuitton & Marc Jacobs, for those of you who know me LV is my life. ¬†Well, not quite my life but needless to say I do love my handbags. This year there was an exhibition at the decorative art museum in Paris dedicated to LV’s history and the collaboration with Marc Jacobs. ¬†It was awesome. ¬†Not only that, but I was proud to learn I have a true ‘Objet d’Art’ in my closet in my Marc Jacobs/Sprouse Roses Speedy. <3
  • Girls weekend! I haven’t had a girls weekend in quite some time, so the one weekend I decided to stay my friend Becky came to Paris to spend the weekend shopping and having a good time. ¬†Just my luck, a new friend was also in town that weekend and we were able to rescue her from her new boss who sounded like she might belong in an insane asylum. ¬†Anyway, I took the girls to one of my favorite haunts: Fish La Boissonnerie and brought them to Les Cocottes.


Anyway, there was of course alot of work in there and alot of wine and croissants too. ¬†But that was not the end of the travelling, oh no. ūüôā

May Day Mayday!

by lauren on June 15, 2012

As promised, I’m adding some back posts. Starting with…the first trip to the US for 2012…

P&I made some ambitious plans to bring his parents and my parents together in the good ol’ US of A and do a vacation, Chevy Chase style.

The vacation went about as well as it does in the National Lampoon movies, but we did get some great wedding planning done.

I went dress shopping with both of our moms. It went really well and I really can’t wait to wear my beautiful gown. We had 3 appointments and only had to go to 2 of them. I was lucky enough to find Vows in Watertown which sells mainly samples of designer dresses and some of their own in-house line. While I’ve shown of some snaps, I will keep the details to myself for now.

On this particular trip I met with the florist for the first time, showed off our venue to our parents and shopped around for hotel blocks.

The house we rented in Martha’s Vineyard was fantastic, there were only a couple of days where the sun was shining, but overall I think my future in-laws had a great first trip to the U.S. and are looking forward to the next go around.

Playing Catch Up

by lauren on May 6, 2012

So, I have finally caught up with the rest of the world and joined Pinterest, though I still haven’t quite grasped the entire concept and have not gotten in the habit of pinning everything I see but I wanted to sign up after the wedding dress excursion I went on last week.

Let’s just say, it was dissapointing. On the positive side, there were flattering styles which I never would have considered. On the negative, the consultant thought she new best (and maybe she did) but she wouldn’t let me try ANYTHING that I was interested in. Now, maybe this is partly my fault given the fact that I’m not so articulate in German, especially when it comes to wedding dress terminology.

Anyway, I am hoping I will come up with some styles to try in the next few weeks before the search is on with the moms.

P&I are otherwise catching up on housework and continuing to work on our fitness goals before we head off to London and eventually the U.S., since these are the last 2 weeks I’ll spend at home until July we hope to have life organized before we go. Organization = Less Stress.