Boomerang Part 2

by lauren on October 2, 2012

Our second September U.S. adventure was back to Beantown for the celebration of my favorite cousin J’s marriage to Sully.

We landed in Beantown on Thursday night and had a delicious dinner with our favorite hosts S&J.  They take such great care of us on our Boston visits (including the one in May) and always make us feel so welcome in their home.

On Friday we picked up my wedding dress!!! It now lives at the Bridal Alteration shop of the wonderful Anahit where I completely trust its in good hands until May.  In the evening we had a Chinese dinner to celebrate my aunt J’s 60th and then off to Storyville in town for some pre-wedding celebration, celebratory cocktails.

Saturday was the main event, with dinner and dancing at the Fairmont Copley.  It was a fantastic time full of food, drink and lots of dancing.  Which got me super excited for our big day coming up.

For this wedding, I had to learn a flashmob routine:

The rest of the trip included just a little shopping, and alot of wedding planning. P&I tasted about 12 cupcakes between us, met our DJ and most importantly checked out what he’ll be wearing on the big day.

For a 5 day jaunt, I’d say it was a successful trip and one of our most fun.

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Glad to host you anytime you like!! Love ya both & “S&I” can’t wait to have you back in a couple short months!! 😀

by Jess on December 4, 2012 at 9:46 pm. #