Juillet et Aout

by lauren on August 30, 2012


I spent most of my Summer working, in Paris.  As you can probably notice, from some of my earlier posts I spent alot of the year there.  However it means I got to do some fantastically fun things.  Here is a listing:

  • I found Matsuri, a running sushi chain which surpasses the quality of any sushi establishments in Munich. It was so good, I ate there at least once a week.
  • Louis Vuitton & Marc Jacobs, for those of you who know me LV is my life.  Well, not quite my life but needless to say I do love my handbags. This year there was an exhibition at the decorative art museum in Paris dedicated to LV’s history and the collaboration with Marc Jacobs.  It was awesome.  Not only that, but I was proud to learn I have a true ‘Objet d’Art’ in my closet in my Marc Jacobs/Sprouse Roses Speedy. <3
  • Girls weekend! I haven’t had a girls weekend in quite some time, so the one weekend I decided to stay my friend Becky came to Paris to spend the weekend shopping and having a good time.  Just my luck, a new friend was also in town that weekend and we were able to rescue her from her new boss who sounded like she might belong in an insane asylum.  Anyway, I took the girls to one of my favorite haunts: Fish La Boissonnerie and brought them to Les Cocottes.


Anyway, there was of course alot of work in there and alot of wine and croissants too.  But that was not the end of the travelling, oh no. 🙂