The search is on!

by lauren on April 25, 2012

In advance of the wedding planning marathon planned at the end of May, I wanted to get prepared for the search for the most special dress I’ll ever wear.

Since me and the moms are planning a 2 days dress shopping extravaganza in the U.S., I didn’t want to go and have no idea what I’m interested in. I definitely don’t have a dress in mind and didn’t grow up dreaming of the perfect princess dress so that means, I need to see whats out there.

My plan is to go to Europe’s biggest bridal retailer (or so it says on their website), and have an afternoon on my own determining what I like or don’t so I don’t waste the precious time with the moms a month from now.

Cross your fingers for me folks, because I think this is going to be exhausting! 😉


by lauren on April 21, 2012

Back in Munich after trekking back and forth to Frankfurt for the last few weeks. The first couple of months of the year were pretty stressful, but Frankfurt was actually pleasant and not so exhausting.

Now, on to the next few weeks in Munich before my vacation and the rest of the year kicking of with alot of travel–both business and pleasure.

There’s alot to look forward to, including some trips to Paris (which is one of my favorite places) and what looks like 4 trips to the U.S. between May and December. Yikes.

Its still funny, every time I fly to (and from) the U.S. I think about how I never imagined that I’d be doing this and that I might do it 4 times a year when some people don’t get a chance to in their entire lives. Humbling.

MOS Marathon

by lauren on April 14, 2012

Many of the Bostonians that we tell about the location of our wedding are surprised that the Museum of Science has weddings!

24 Boston couples just found out that they do. We saw a link to a contest in some e-mail signature while we were getting our contracts in order, where you could enter a contest to win a free wedding at MOS. We would have entered, but there was a catch, they were mini-weddings and we wanted the full day.

Anyway, the contest occurred yesterday and I thought I’d share the link (Thanks Jess):

MOS Wedding Marathon

The Family Summit

by lauren on March 22, 2012

As I mentioned recently, I FINALLY booked my flight to Boston after a lot of back and forth over my whereabouts in the days leading up to the trip. It was stressing me out a little bit since I don’t normally leave booking my flights home until so late, but most importantly we have some very special guests making the trip to Beantown and I was starting to worry about not actually getting there (not really, but was still stressing nonetheless).

Anyway, P’s parents have agreed that it was high time for them to pay a visit to both their family in the U.S. and mine! They have never flown further than Munich before and this time they’re flying from London to Miami then up to Boston. It will be quite the adventure.

I’m so excited to finally have the opportunity to show my future in-laws where I come from and have them meet the people I love most. Every time I think about it I get a little bit more excited about it. But, I think I’ve mentioned all this before. 😉

So far we’ve got a few things planned while we’re in town. Most importantly (or at least I think its most important), I’m going dress shopping with both the Moms. We’re also going to check out a Red Sox game, go on a Boston Harbor cruise (weather permitting), and also give them a chance to check out the place P and I are getting hitched (the Museum of Science, in case anyone’s forgotten). Plus, P & I will hopefully tackle some of the other wedding to-dos while we’re over.

Since most trips home are exceptionally hectic, we’re also taking them out to one of my most favorite spots in the world, Martha’s Vineyard for a week of R&R after they make the rounds in Boston. We rented a cute cottage right on Circuit Ave in Oak Bluffs for the first week of June. I’m dreaming of the salty air and the pasta from Jimmy Seas already.

1st Wedding Purchase!

by lauren on March 22, 2012

For the last month and a half I’ve been borderline obsessed with a certain pair of shoes that I had to have for my wedding and was kicking myself for not ordering them when I had my first chance to do so because the unthinkable happened and they sold out and I was going to have to have all of my friends across Europe scour the boutiques in their respective cities to help me track a pair down (Yes, I realize this was a long sentence).

Well, today (my day off) was my lucky day because a certain frenchman who sells the shoes with the red soles opened his European e-commerce site and I was able to snag a pair of the dream shoes right up! I figure a special day needs a special pair of shoes…

I’m Coming to Boston Too!

by lauren on March 20, 2012

Since P & I are getting hitched, we figured it was high time to bring the O’Donnell’s and Savage’s together for the first time but with all the budgeting going on surrounding ‘The Big Day’ the cost of flights this time around was something I was trying to be more conscious of. In addition, some events transpired that have me in London in the days leading up to our epic “family summit” (as P keeps calling it).

So the Savages of Cork booked their trip, and about a week ago P managed to get a fantastic deal with Lufthansa (our preferred airline because of the points) flying non-stop on the Thursday (while I’m still stuck in London), and I was still left on this side of the pond feeling stressed out as I’m half the reason this trip is happening at all. Plus, I’m so excited for P’s parents to see my hometown and of course to get to know my family and friends.

Well, today was finally the day and I’m glad I waited! My London trip was confirmed last Friday but I held out over the weekend on booking anything because I’d recently read that the best days of the week to book flights were Tuesdays/Wednesdays. I’d seen my flight, the one that allows me to fly from London on Thursday night, meaning I get an extra day of holiday and don’t have to spend it flying for 510 Euro. Not too bad, but I held out hope. I just booked it this morning for 465! What a steal! I’m delighted.

Needless to say, I normally wouldn’t book this late (our trip is in 9 weeks) but it has turned out wonderfully and I can’t wait for our trip (more on that in another post)!!!

Spring is Springing!

by lauren on March 14, 2012

First off, sorry about the blogging hiatus. Life in this part of the world has been way too hectic and mainly centered around work these days.

Anyway, as mentioned before we’ve set-the-date so reality is really starting to set in, and the more I look at wedding dresses the more I feel like a bride-to-be so that’s good.

I’m back at boot camp, to get prepared for dress shopping so that’s good. Such an important (and expensive) outfit definitely requires a diet/excercise regime of some kind and I really enjoyed the camps last Summer. I’m hoping to stick with the diet a bit more than last time and right now I’m down to no carbs (including beer) and no sugar, at least for the next few weeks.

Spring has hit Munich, and the temperatures are increasing this week. Plus, the sun is shining so that’s always good. Its nice when we can finally get outside.

Otherwise, I’m on the last push to complete my last CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) exam which I will hopefully pass this time (please cross your fingers for me), and then I will be finished with my CIA designation and can put all of my focus on planning 2013’s event of the year.

We’re in the midst of planning the first of 3 visits stateside this year…but more updates on that on the next post or two.

That’s all from this end! Have a great week everyone!!

It’s Official!

by lauren on January 30, 2012

We’ve set the date!

P and I will be getting married on Saturday June 1, 2013 in the Washburn Pavillion at the Museum of Science in Boston.

It certainly gets more exciting now that we’ve made it official, as I thought it would.

Our choice in venue was pretty simple, we didn’t want to do the traditional hotel wedding but wanted something with that ‘wow’ factor for our guests when so many will (hopefully) be travelling so far. So far, we’ve gotten a positive response from our families about it.

The Museum of Science is apparently the 2nd most visited tourist attraction in New England (this according to our contact at the museum). It is only trumped by Fenway Park.

Growing up in the Boston area, MOS was the site of many school field trips and one very special trip with the Girl Scouts where we had a sleepover there. Its a great location for P to get married too, given his love of all things geek and of course the fact that he studied science in university.

We couldn’t be happier with our choice and its great to have one box ticked of the seemingly endless to-do list associated with planning a wedding.

The City of Light

by lauren on January 30, 2012

Paris has been fantastic so far–though I highly recommend visiting in a month other than January.

Last week, I checked out the sales at Galleries Lafayette, but sadly have no fantastic purchases to report. I’ve been meaning to check out the late nights in the Musee D’Orsay and the Louvre, but I have to prioritize the gym and my studies at the moment. Maybe when I come back for a week in February I will make it. I also went to the Christian Louboutin flagship store to have a look at the fabulous shoes, but alas they didn’t carry the pair I’ve fallen in love with.

C’est la vie. 😉

Being a Bride-to-Be

by lauren on January 8, 2012

P&I have been engaged for about 7 weeks now, and I’m still waiting to get the feeling of excitement that is supposed to come along with planning the ‘biggest day of our lives.’
I guess it could be due to the fact that we haven’t put any money on it yet, and that the planned date is just under 17 months from now. Plus the fact that I’ve been in ‘saving’ mode for so long, the thought of spending so much on one day is a little daunting. Nevertheless, I can’t help but endlessly scour all the usual bride-to-be online hangouts like and tirelessly read wedding related magazines and books. The more I surf, the more I feel like there are a million other little decisions about the day that start to get overwhelming. At the same time, I can’t wait to make it a wonderful and memorable event for everyone and of course, the most important decision (the one where P&I decided to tie the knot) has already been made.

Some official plans surrounding the wedding and our lives moving forward as a family have already been made. We’ve invited P’s parents to join us in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard this summer to participate in the wedding planning (most importantly, shopping for the all important wedding dress) and to arrange for both sets of parents to meet for the very first time. One more important thing, we’ve purchased our domain name for the wedding website, there’s nothing there yet, but soon there will be lots of info for our guests at