Playing Catch Up

by lauren on May 6, 2012

So, I have finally caught up with the rest of the world and joined Pinterest, though I still haven’t quite grasped the entire concept and have not gotten in the habit of pinning everything I see but I wanted to sign up after the wedding dress excursion I went on last week.

Let’s just say, it was dissapointing. On the positive side, there were flattering styles which I never would have considered. On the negative, the consultant thought she new best (and maybe she did) but she wouldn’t let me try ANYTHING that I was interested in. Now, maybe this is partly my fault given the fact that I’m not so articulate in German, especially when it comes to wedding dress terminology.

Anyway, I am hoping I will come up with some styles to try in the next few weeks before the search is on with the moms.

P&I are otherwise catching up on housework and continuing to work on our fitness goals before we head off to London and eventually the U.S., since these are the last 2 weeks I’ll spend at home until July we hope to have life organized before we go. Organization = Less Stress.